Our Orchard

Jubilee Almonds is a 464 hectare private, independent almond development, capitalising on the state of the art knowledge from Lindsay Point and California. Jubilee Almonds is a competitive enterprise because of its corporate backing. The size of its operations and the geographic isolation it enjoys from other enterprises insures a better controlled environment for pests and diseases. Jubilee almonds reached peak production in 2002 with the last of its plantings becoming of mature age.

On average Jubilee produces 1500 tonnes of kernel annually, which contributes to the Australian market of 45,500 tonnes.

Almond production utilises mechanical harvesting, minimising labour requirements. Introduction of a formal quality program, HACCP, involving all company staff and encompassing all company activities has helped to set the optimum standard for Almond production. Jubilee Almonds achieves world class yields, efficiency and quality.