The trees have selected virus indexed budstock on selected rootstock supplied from Monash Plant improvement. Every second row has been planted to Nonpareil (California Paper Shell) with the intermediate rows alternating between an early pollinator (Ne Plus Ultra or Peerless) and a later pollinator (Carmel or Price). Two rootstocks have been used with this development. Nemaguard rootstock has proven resistance to root-knot nematode which is commonly found in mallee soils. Any areas of soil showing a lime content has been planted with hybrid rootstock which shows lime tolerance.

The tree spacings are approximately 6.1 m within the rows with the rows 6.7m apart. The irrigation system has been designed to permit the application of water as required by the trees. This will vary between young and mature trees, and with temperature, soil types and topography. The pump-house consists of two 500 kW pumps and one 150 kW pump capable of pumping at a rate of 600 litres/second. Jubilee has two different irrigation systems the first being irrigation which is solid set low-throw under-tree sprinklers wetting 100% of the orchard floor which cover 260Ha. With this system a total of 1200 mm of irrigation is applied each year to the mature trees. The second system is sub-surface drip, which is pulsed hour on hour off to gain lateral spread away from the drip line to maximise efficiency and minimise losses. This system also has an application rate of 1200mm each year.

Harvesting is entirely mechanical and based on a system of shaking the almonds onto the ground where they dry. A self propelled sweeper then moves the dried almonds into the centre to form a wind row where a pick-up machine sweeps up the almonds and removes the dust and leaves. They are then transported by self propelled carts to storage bunkers and later transported to the processing plant via semi trailer.